case study – MRC des Sources

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Case study


The RCM des Sources, located in the Eastern Townships, is experiencing a problem with Eurasian water milfoil in its main body of water, the Trois-Lacs. The context of the challenge is that no boat cleaning had taken place in the past prior to launching, so there was little preventive control over the establishment of aquatic invasive species in the lake. Their challenge was to protect their water body by being present as much as possible at the different public boat launches to decontaminate boats. They also had to raise awareness and evaluate the social acceptability of a new habit.


The most optimal option for their situation was the turnkey rental of a mobile washing station. The fact that the equipment was completely self-sufficient in water and electricity was very convenient for decontaminating boats in any location. Also, the rental option allowed them to test the technology without committing to an equipment purchase. They hired a student to do the decontamination for the entire summer.


The rental allowed the RCM des Sources to determine the number of users of their public boat ramps in order to prepare their long-term prevention strategy. The station allowed to sensitize several users and to confirm the interest for a permanent control measure of aquatic invasive species in the Trois-Lacs. Finally, the use of the equipment was simple and user-friendly, according to their employee.

“The flexibility of Ozero Solutions, both in their equipment options and in their availability was a very positive aspect of our experience with them. We especially appreciated the training given at the beginning, which was detailed and user-friendly. The rental allowed us to put in place a concrete plan to protect our lake and to evaluate the possibilities for the next steps in the prevention of aquatic invasive species in the Trois-Lacs. Next year, we plan to install a fixed station and we will consider Ozero Solutions”.

Marie Durand, project manager at the RCM des Sources