Case Study – lake Memphremagog

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Case study


Lake Memphremagog is very busy with boaters from all over Quebec. There are often more than 250 boats per day that use the boat launch. The risk of spreading AIS is therefore high. Given the amount of traffic, the total decontamination time was an important issue. These species threaten not only aquatic biodiversity, but also public facilities such as the drinking water intake that is located within the lake. Other lakes are also located on the territory of the City of Magog. It was therefore important for the City to raise awareness at the different boat ramps on its territory.


It is easier and more cost-effective to prevent the proliferation of AIS than to eradicate them once they have spread to our water bodies. This is why Ozero Solutions’ technology was a profitable investment from an ecological and an economic point of view. The City of Magog therefore decided to purchase a mobile decontamination station with Ozero Solutions’ technology. It was also agreed to add the decontamination system for the internal piping at the Capitainerie, the City of Magog’s most popular boat launch.


A mobile station served the various lakes of the City of Magog during the summer of 2021. This station was able to completely decontaminate more than 200 watercrafts and to educate nearly 400 people. Even during the busiest days of the summer, the internal piping decontamination system did not cause traffic in the line-up at the Capitainerie.

“Ozero Solutions’ internal piping decontamination system is an added value to our facilities to ensure that our prevention efforts are optimal. Decontaminating the internal piping in addition to the exterior of the boats is an avenue to be favored in order to move towards 100% efficiency.”

Josiane K. Pouliot, Coordinator, Environment Division, City of Magog