case study – lac Etchemin

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Case study


Lake Etchemin represents an important attraction for the municipality and its citizens. Protecting the lake from aquatic invasive species was therefore necessary for its preservation. It is for this reason that the Club Nautique du Lac-Etchemin decided to move up the project of installing a decontamination station for watercrafts by one year. Before proceeding with the decontamination station project, it was necessary to identify the needs in terms of equipment and also to determine the layout in their infrastructure.


In a first phase, a rental of our equipment was done. This allowed us to determine which equipment met the needs of the Association. It also allowed us to find ways to position the decontamination station in accordance with their boat launch as well as their building. Different types of boats go to this drop-off, including nautical sports boats and fishing boats. That’s why this new station is equipped with a heated pressure washer and Ozero Solutions’ technology to decontaminate the internal piping. In addition, the pressure washer hose was installed on a pole to facilitate the decontamination of the exterior of the boats.


A few weeks after the agreement with the Club Nautique du Lac-Etchemin, the necessary equipment for the decontamination station was ready for installation.
During the first day of installation, the Ozero Solutions team installed the equipment by guiding the different workers on the site. The following day, the members of the Nautical Club were trained on the operation of the pressure washer and on the Ozero Solutions technology. The station was then ready to decontaminate boats after these 2 days.

“Their approach with a rental to test their technology before purchasing is what convinced us to do business with the Ozero Solutions team. During this rental, we were able to see their professionalism and their expertise. Throughout the realization of the project, the team was very flexible in responding to our different needs. They were able to guide us in the realization of the project, from the selection of equipment to the training of our members on the field. They were always available to support us in the project’s steps.